Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lawn, Compost Bin, AND Water Collection Update

I take back everything I said about my lawn. I think it looks great and I am sticking with my organic fertilizer and pull-the-random-weeds-myself-once-a-week method. It works and I feel good about putting the grass clippings into the compost bin. I have to admit that I did resort to a grub control insecticide (Grub-Ex or something similar) because they were out of control.

I also LOVE and highly recommend a water collection system from Rain Brothers. I have the barrel on a side of the house without a hose/faucet, and it fills up completely in just a few minutes of rain. This really amazes me because it is on the smallest roof of the house. If I was a mathematician, I bet I would have figured out a pretty cool formula. Anyone want to try? I will measure my roof for you!

Here is our updated compost bin; still schnazzy (if I do say so myself), but more efficient. We cut the chicken wire inside, added two hinges, and two locks at the bottom all to create access to the bottom of the compost pile. There is actually beautiful, productive, rich compost down there! Whoo hoo!


Laura said...

Why would you kill grubs in your compost pile? They are there to break down organic material.

I have probably more grubs than compost in my pile right now (LOL), but wow, they do an amazing job of making gorgeous brown compost in a really short time.

Penny said...

Hi, Laura!
Thanks for writing. I did not in fact kill grubs in my compost pile. I killed them underneath my lawn. I want all the bugs and worms in the compost pile as possible (that can take the heat)! I just don't want them killing all of my grass in huge patches.