Sunday, April 27, 2008

organic lawn care

I have been thinking a lot about my yard/lawn.

Our grass looks like crap.

We have lots of grubs. We have some patches. We have weeds. Could it be that using Organic Fertilizer and handpicking the weeds last year isn't the way to go? I wish it were because we used every single blade of grass in our compost bin this summer, which will eventually go into our beds, and I don't want to put chemicals on the lawn that will go into the compost and then into our food. So here is an email from my lovely friend, Trish, Resident Garden Goddess, after our conversation:

"I thought of you today, there was a special on tv about organic lawn care. They suggested to do a soil test on your garden and use only limited fertilizer based on the tests---as a worst case scenario. They also suggested that you take a coffee can, bury it until the top is even with the surface of the grass (have holes punced in it) and when the can has less than 1" of water---it is your cue to water the grass. I also had a friend who just did the meadow grass in her yard and is very happy with it. Also, they said to not mow it until it is at least 3"."

I think these are great ideas. Another great idea is to not have grass (my other house was xeriscaped), but I have to tell you, my little poocharoo loves it. She runs around like crazy on our lawn. Plus, it is respectful of the neighbors to have a nice lawn. I have a lovely little court that I live in, and I want my neighbors to be happy!