Sunday, December 7, 2008

Rain Brothers Sale

Hello, friends of Rain Brothers!
We don't usually send out emails from our business like this, but we thought you all might like to know about the Rain Brothers' Holiday Sale... Why not celebrate the holidays with locally-made, sustainable-living products from Columbus' own Rain Brothers?!

*Get a 55-gallon Automatic Diverter Rain Barrel now for just $55!
*Get $20 off our new "Tumble On" Compost Tumblers!
*Get $20 off one of our Columbus-made bicycle trailers! Plus, get free color-customization of trailer frame with every trailer purchase!
*Purchase one of our solid oak rain barrels now and get $20 off!

(Sale ends 12/31/08)

GIFT CERTIFICATES NOW AVAILABLE! Boy, are they classy, and we've found they're easier to wrap than a giant plastic barrel! Oh yeah... and if you haven't seen our website in a while, you'll notice that we now carry and install Norwesco rainwater cisterns and above-ground rainwater tanks. Call us for a free site visit/estimate. Come by our shop at 211 Arcadia Ave., or check out our website for more information.

At your service for a better tomorrow,The Rain Brothers-- Rain Brothers -- *Ohio's Own Rain Barrel and Rainwater Catchment Specialists* 614.424.0572

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Local Matters said...

If you haven't been to the shop to check it out---you should, at 211 N.Arcadia and they've got cute t-shirts too!