Tuesday, December 9, 2008

OSU Student Run Farm

Jeff Sharp sent the following on behalf of a group of OSU students who areworking to create a student run farm. If you are an OSU student, pleasetake note - and if you know any potentially interested OSU students, pleaseforward this announcement to them, thanks:

Message from Dani Deemer, a project leader:

Greetings ~

OSU Students for Food Sovereignty meets every Tuesday at 7:30pm in HaggertyHall, room 56.

SFS is now a handful of graduate and undergraduate students working toestablish a permanent student-run farm on OSU's Columbus campus. Webelieve the farm will enhance participation in, and education about, localfood systems in both the student population and nearby communities. OSUstudents will be invited to volunteer their time and labor at the farm.SFS is in the process of connecting with central Ohio community partnersworking toward food justice and nutrition, who will benefit from on-farmworkshops and produce sales. SFS will also sell produce to OSU CampusDining Services, which has set aside 36 percent of its budget forpurchasing local foods.

Next quarter, two faculty from Horticulture and Crop Sciences, ElaineGrassbaugh and Mark Bennett, will advise a group studies coursespecifically for SFS to meet and plan the farm operation. After the farmis established, the farm and farm labor will be incorporated into course curriculum.

We value participation from all interested students, staff, and faculty,because we want to consider as many claims/contingencies/perspectives aspossible. Please participate if you want to see OSU successfully establisha permanent student-run farm.

My name is Dani and I am a student in the Rural Sociology M.S. program.
For further information, contact me at 575-649-2070.
Thank you! Hope to see you at our next meeting,

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