Sunday, August 3, 2008

Now is the perfect time to plant!

Now is the perfect time to plant for your Fall crops. We are all enjoying our summer goodies, but don't forget the growing season is not over. It is easy for us to get into the mindset that we can only grow food during summer, but actually we have all year. Carrots, Cabbage and Spinach are just a mention of the items you can continue to enjoy in your garden all year. Read your seed packages and look at your states frost date. From that information, just add 14 days to the seed germination. It takes longer with the Fall sun and hot August temps for seeds to sprout. Once planting the seeds, go slightly deeper, cover with hay or mulch to protect from the heat and water well. We all have the option to grow into Winter if we choose---How exciting! Instead of taking whatever produce we can get at Giant Eagle...we can just grow our own!
Check out for The National Gardening Association's articles on "extended growing season, fall and winter crops, edible landscaping...."

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