Sunday, August 3, 2008

"Diospyros Virginiana" aka Persimmon Tree

Yesterday our Farmers Market was a hit! Many people came from the neighborhood to enjoy our produce, stuffed lavender animals, sweets and aprons. The cooking demonstrations lead by local chefs were fantastic. I now have some new recipes to take food strait from my garden to my table in literally 15 minutes! Fast and Delicious...that's what I'm talking about! We also had some wonderful workshops on Rain Barrels and extended growing seasons. I had no doubt that the Urban Farmers Market would be a success, but it surpassed that. One of the best parts of the day you ask? I had many people from the neighborhood wanting to contribute in some way. They didn't have enough for their own table or enough time. Instead, they thought of us and contributed what they had from their own yards. I appreciated the thought and support. Proceeds went to a "University Area Community Gardening Fund" managed by Catherine Gervis at the University Area Enrichment Association. Residents of the University Area who become members of the garden collective can apply for mentoring and financial help for their gardens. Wonderful! There were many folks that contributed to this fund. Greg Hostettler is an alumni of The Weinland Park Community Garden and he thoughtfully gave up one of his beautiful eggplants, Kale and two Persimmon Tree plants. I left the market feeling happy and most importantly feeling connected to the people in my neighborhood. Thank you.
Check out some great information on the Persimmon at

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