Friday, July 25, 2008

Grrr..Japanese Beetles!

I think I have planted enough in my small garden to share with some birds and bugs, but I still find it frustrating to find Japanese beetles munching on my green beans and rhubarb leaves. My grandmother says they also like her roses. They seem to leave the other plants alone.

I have seen those traps/bags here and there, but have heard that they fill extremely quickly (which means they need changed very often) and actually attract JB from all around, instead of just one's personal garden area. My mother's neighbor has said that they literally swarm his arm as he goes to change the bags. YUCK.

My grandmother catches them a jar with a lid, which I think is a great idea. I found some more ideas from this website and the Ohio State Extension service. I have found that they come out in the morning and evening, so you have to be on top of them during those times if you are going use the jar method.

Also, as I was working in the garden this spring, I noticed a gazillion grubs. YUCK again. I am just realizing that those were most likely JB grubs.

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