Sunday, April 6, 2008

Stratford Ecological Center

My students and I just spent a day at SEC. We planted over 250 trees with Chris Byerly. My students all managed to come prepared with a no trash lunch!!

You can go there, too! It is in Delaware, but well worth the drive. Bring your working boots and your wallets, because they will give you something to do AND sell you maple syrup, eggs, honey, and meat, all made right there. Highlights: Right now they have a HUGE pig who is about to be a mommy, a llama, and a bunch of goats and sheep. My favorite part of the farm was the gorgeously decorated straw bale shelter. Best design I have ever seen.

"Programs and Activities:

  • Farm & Field Trips for school children and other children groups

  • Middle School Education Program

  • Specialized Curricula for school age children

  • Scout Troop farm and field trips and badge work

  • Farm Camp

  • Volunteer Program

  • Adult Education Program

  • Community Garden

  • Environmental Education Internships

  • Sustainable Agriculture Internships"

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