Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Need to write down these ideas so I don't forget...

I love lists.

Here is my last one of the day:
1. include posting on why cg is important/beneficial
2. profile/interview people involved in gardening
3. ponder how to get kids hooked into gardening
4. talk about Seedfolks
5. discuss Transitory Gardens, Uprooted Lives
6. ponder how to get community involved
7. include description of TGS and possibly student journals

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J0T said...

I didn't want to leave a comment on a post at random so I figured I'd leave one here as it's somewhat related to the blog in general :D
Anyway, the blog is great, very informative and interesting. Seems a great way to document activities and share information. I found this interesting site called and it actually made me think of your blog. It's a social network creation tool, I kind of envisioned this huge community gardening network with profiles for all the members, etc. Something to consider perhaps?