Wednesday, April 2, 2008

More Art-but METAL! (2)

Our metal sculptures are made from scrap steel, such as discarded 50 gallon drums, scrap cars, roofing materails, and bits from production machine shops.

The beaks on the birds are made from old pipes, the legs from scrap steel, and the feathers are created with a hammer, chisel, tin snips, or hacksaw. Each piece is hand twisted and shaped to form an element of the sculpture. Each element is spot welded piece by piece until the animal takes form.

The artists spend considerable time studying images of actual animals and their positions to ensure that each creature is as accurate as possible.

The process of making a sculpture can be quite lengthy, depending on its size and intricacy. Some artists work alone and are able to perform all of the skills needed to make these beautiful creatures. In many cases, a production process is used to create the sculptures - one artist will make the legs and feet, another the feathers, and so on. There are an average of four welders and shapers that form each finished piece.

Once completed, the final sculpture is varnished.

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