Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Alice Waters - Edible School Yard

My fascination with education and gardening blossomed out of a discovery of Alice Water's work in Berkeley, California. Basically, she decided to rip up a public school's broken down, nasty concrete excuse for a playground and turn it into an edible garden for the students. She helped to teach them how to plan, garden, cook, and SERVE the food to each other. The garden is a part of the culture of the school, and students are continuously a part of the food energy cycle. I love the idea of people getting their hands in the dirt. It is healing; it is centering; it is a deep and important connection to our inherent wisdom.

Once I became aware of Ms. Water's work, I continue to find more and more parallels, connections, interpretations, and extensions of what she is doing everyday and everywhere.

In addition, she has recently started a similar program in New Orleans. The American Community Gardening Association Conference is taking place there this year!

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