Wednesday, March 17, 2010

'Seeds that Grow Hope'

Greetings! Spring is upon us! This year we are celebrating 30 years of planting the Seed that Grow Hope!! Many of you have already sent in your applications for seeds and now that the snows have melted and we once again have access to our warehouse, we are working at a furious rate to catch up on getting your seeds shipped out. Please be patient with us! Applications started coming in early and fast this year and we have a hefty back log of requests to get on the UPS truck. We know how important timing is in the garden so volunteers are packing up and sending out your seeds as fast as possible.If you have not sent in your application yet, the 2010 form is now available on our website.We love to hear your stories and get pictures of your community in the garden so keep 'em coming!
Wishing you a blooming Spring and a bountiful harvest,
Katie Rehwaldt
'Seeds that Grow Hope'
Program Director
Operation Green Plant

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