Monday, December 1, 2008

Perfect Raised Bed Recipe?!

What do you think? This is what I saw this week on Gardening By the Yard.

1. edge between grass and garden area with straight shovel
2. hammer edging in
3. lay down weed barrier (overlapping)
4. tuck weed barrier behind edging with a piece of wood and hammer and secure barrier under paths with lawn staples
5. use cedar (he says lasts 10 years) L- 8, 10, or 12 feet, and then cut in half for width of bed
6. nail edges (AND I would add in PVC pipe for later use as row cover supports)
7. place over weed barrier-make sure it is level and shim it up or down with rocks
8. cut weed barrier away from inside edges, leaving a few inches inside the boards
9. law down newspaper to smother grass
10. lay down straw (without seeds)
11. add blood meal (1-2 cups)
12. add burlap if you think there are seeds
13. add 5 bags of compost
14. add lots of leaves (shredded by putting in round trashcan and dipping in weed wacker)
15. potting soil
16. manure/alfafa mix
17. and mulch around the beds to suppress weeds

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