Monday, December 15, 2008

ACGA Annual Conference Volunteer Information

I highly suggest that you consider being a part of the ACGA National Annual Conference. Here is the official volunteer information:

Thank you for considering volunteering for the American Community Gardening Association’s 30th Anniversary Conference!

Recent conferences have involved 50 – 75 volunteers. These people may want to be totally involved or to take on a discrete task. You may need to provide training for these volunteers and a written backup for their reference. Possible tasks for volunteers can include:

  • Registration packet assembly people (solicit tourist information, conference premiums, folders, name tags, tickets, etc and stuff into packets just before conference)
  • Signmakers for all signage needed
  • Name tag assembly
  • Greeters and direction providers
  • Staff registration table
  • T-shirt coordinator (design, select, promote, print, sell)
  • Meal ticket collectors
  • Audio visual coordinator to oversee equipment and its distribution to presentation rooms
  • Gophers to run errands during the conference
  • Slide show or film festival coordinator
  • Room monitors to introduce speakers, distribute and collect evaluation forms, thank speakers; trade fair setup assistants
  • Silent auction (solicit items, organize items, set-up, close-out)
  • Photographers and group photo
  • Help with tours

In past years Community Garden volunteers have offered to house conference participants for free or for small fees ($10-$15 per night) and have donated that money to their organizations. Depending on the quantity, this may be publicized in the Conference Registration Brochure or just offered word-of-mouth to students and those requesting scholarships.

Being a volunteer is one way host organizations have enabled local community gardeners a way to get a conference discount. Most recent conferences have provided a $10 discount per each hour of volunteer service, up to $100 or allowed volunteers to attend the workshop at which they monitor.

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