Thursday, November 6, 2008

Price Check!


I just bought some groceries and K-roger and I was suprised by their cost, especially since these were all things I have grown (or attempted to grow) in my garden this summer. I will be doing another price check during the spring and summer next year to see how the prices compare.

acorn squash 1.60
beets (3) 2.79
bell pepper 1.69
cucumber 1.00
spinach 3.99
arugula 3.99
sweet potatoes (2) 2.58

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Dave said...

It is painful these days to visit the market. I enjoy shopping daily. It's less fun now. Marc's isn't a bad market for common stuff (good name canned beans and tomatoes, etc) and they're about 1/2 price of Giant Eagle (Henderson and Kenny).