Sunday, November 9, 2008

Garden Tour

In order to better plan the Sycamore Hills Community Garden, we went on a garden tour today to check out what has been done in other gardens. Here are some images:

Sycamore Hills Park (5540 Rockport Blvd): the most likely site for our community garden.

Weinland Park/Godman Guild (303 East Sixth Avenue, 43201): a community garden that incorporates art, signage, water collection, tool shed, different kinds of raised beds, compost piles, flowers and veggies, community and individual plots, and teens.

Next door Weinland Garden Club.
Krumm Park (854 Alton Avenue, 43219): a community garden in a city park.
Garden of Freedom and New Freedom (Mound and Carpenter, 43205) and Garden of Communion (Bryden and Ohio): three gardens are part of the Four Seasons City Farms project and have been active for a number of years; they provide interesting examples of structure, design, and layout.
Christ the King (2777 E. Livingston Ave, 43209-3039): beautiful church based community garden that supplies their food pantry. Beds are clearly defined and made of different materials, the fence and signage are nice, and flowers are incorporated into the border.

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