Wednesday, July 16, 2008

10 Facts of Community Gardening

1. Beautifies the neighborhood
2. Supports local businesses
3. Encourages self-sufficiency
4. Urban community gardening rehabilitates the degraded and chemical ridden soil
Lessens bioaccumalation of harmful chemicals in your body.
5. Safe haven for people and wildlife
6. Gardens create a positive connection between humans and the land
7. Accomplishments in garden create self-esteem
8. Community gardens have been shown to actually increase property values in the immediate vicinity where they are located. In Milwaukee properties within 250 of gardens experienced a decline of $24.77 with every foot and the average garden was estimated to add approximately $9,000 a year to the city tax revenue(Bremer et al, 2003,p. 20; Chicago, 2003, p. 10; Sherer,2006).
9. Reduces the "heat island" effect [Definition: Urban areas that have higher temperatures due to sporadic green areas, tall buildings and narrow streets and waste heat from factories, conditioners and cars. Urban areas have trapped heat.]
Lowers your electric bills.
10. Produces nutritous food
Better for the body.

What are you waiting for? Start your own community garden!

If you have any questions about community gardening and how to start one just ask us. Our blog authors are experienced in community gardening.


Trish said...

This was actually posted by my daughter Laine. She is one of my garden crew this summer, before she leaves for college. It's been nice to work along side each other.

mouthofsuaron said...

Most of these are just OPINIONS! >:(