Thursday, June 5, 2008

benefit raffle at the Urban Gardener

Hi Bill,

Bill, I wanted to let you know about a raffle that Christie at the Urban Gardener (on high Street) is doing this weekend in conjunction with Gallery Hop. She will be raffling off a Can-O-Worms with worms and proceeds will be donated to help the Haiku employees that were injured several weeks ago. We are donating an additional pound of worms to go with the Can for every 100 tickets sold. I hope we have to give away a lot of worms! If you know anyone who might be interested please pass this on.


Jeff Smith
Vermi Wonder LLC

The Can-O-Worms is an odorless, user-friendly worm composting system that allows anyone to participate in recycling and garden enrichment through composting. Whether you live in an apartment or have a backyard, you can provide organic fertilizer for indoor plants and your garden. Stacked ring-upon-ring, each section of this worm condo can house thousands of worms for composting year round. Each unit features a tap drain on the lowest ring to collect compost tea directly from the source. Harvesting of castings (worm manure) is easy because the worms eat their way up, leaving their rich castings behind which are readily removed, free of worms.
(The Franklin Park Conservatory will be displaying and teaching about worm composting at our booth at the Arts Festival this weekend as well. we will be creating worm puppets with kids and highlighting the Growing to Green Program. Stop by and say hello!)

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