Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sycamore Hills Community Gardening Proposal

This is the first of the communications to my Neighborhood to start a community garden. It was in our May newsletter (I took out some of the personal info since this is the WWW!):

Community Gardens - Proposal

Greetings! My name is Amy _, and I have been a part of SH since I was a baby! Now that I am all grown up, I purchased _ from my mother because I wanted to make SH home for my family, as well. I feel that we have an incredible neighborhood and I would like to do my part to make it even more beautiful, as well to create the possibility for a more connected community.

After a year of working in community gardens all over the Columbus area, I would like to bring all that I have learned back to our community to start our own CG. There is a $4000 grant from Franklin Park Conservatory and Scott’s Growing to Green that we can apply for, and I am willing and able to coordinate this adventure.

At this moment, everything is just an idea, so now is the time to get involved if you have a vision for our CG. I would like for anyone and everyone who is interested in being a part of our CG to join in the planning process on whatever time commitment that works for you, from a quick one time email all the way to helping to write and implement the grant. It is up to you; it is your
community garden!

Feel free to send any ideas, concerns, offers of help, specific skills/tools you can contribute to our CG to _ and/or _, or call _.

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