Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Registering Fruit Trees

This program is NOT local, but it is a wonderful idea starter for community gardening in Columbus!
This organization registers fruit trees around Vancouver, provides teen employment, supports local businesses with fruit processing/juicing, coordinates available backyards for gardens with gardeners, and organizes a good, local, organic food directory.


Here is more information from the homepage:
What's New at LifeCycles
Fruit Tree Project Hotline
Call the Fruit Tree Project Hotline at 89-FRUIT (893-7848) to have your trees picked this season. Click here to find out more about LifeCycles Fruit Tree Project.
Fruit Tree Project looking for Partners
The Victoria Fruit Tree Project is currently looking for local processors to partner with to expand our food product line. Click here to find out how to partner with LifeCycles Fruit Tree Project.

Employment Opportunity for Youth

The YouthRoots Program is looking for three Youth Development Team Members. Applications are due Friday, September 21st 2007. Click here for more information on the positions and how to apply.

The YouthRoots Program, along with the Youth Service Provider Network, has launched It includes an events calendar, an interactive youth map, and directories of youth programs and places in the region. Click here to check out the website.

Sharing Backyards

Just Launched! Our Sharing Backyards program is designed to link people that have space to grow food but don't have the time our inclination to do so with people who are interested in growing food but do not have access to space to do so. Our new online system makes linking potential gardeners easier than ever.

Good Food Directory

The Good Food Directory is your source to local and organically grown foods. The directory includes everything from fresh produce to delicous sweets and candy. Please note that the directory is still in development phases. Feedback is greatly appreciated.