Saturday, April 19, 2008

Raised Beds

There are many many styles of raised beds. We went for asthetics again with ours because our neighbors have to look at it, and well, honestly, my man would go crazy if it didn't look polished (which is something I greatly appreciate, even if I did want to try square gardening with our numerous concrete blocks in the basement).

The cool features we added were smaller boxes within the larger squares for herbs and spreading plants. In one square, we even put down weed liner so the mint wouldn't spread. I highly suggest doing this! Also, we also installed leftover pvc pipe along the inside edge so that we could make it a hoop house OR put up rabbit fencing. This proved useful, not because of rabbits, but because my lovely pooch, Juno (not named after the movie), liked to run wildly through it OR dig up my organic fertilizer!

We will extend the bed this summer!!! YAY!

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james said...

what is the point of a raised bed ?