Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Purpose of this Blog

I hope to use this blog to spread awareness of and participation in the diverse and fabulous Columbus, Ohio community gardens. By creating and maintaining this blog, my mission is to deepen my own understanding of community gardenings, educate others, and increase involvement. When I tell others about what I do at The Graham School, they often comment on how neat it is and ask how they can find out more.

Hence, the blog.

Also, I hate to reinvent the wheel, so, by using blogs as an education tool, I can create links to others and raise the bar on the my own abilities as a gardener quickly and efficiently. I also love it as a way to store information I am collecting (kind of like a locker or diary). One last aspect to my blog: I am using it as a platform for my students at TGS to post/share their final projects. This blog will help my students to meet the requirements of the program in an creative and meaningful way, as well as create community online as well as in the real world!


Growing2Green said...

Finally!!! I have been wanting to create this very thing but alas, helping to get gardens started and being a resource for them has been my priority. I will do everything in my power to promote and distribute this page. Is there specific instructions to join? will there be a photo album to post photos to? what can i do to help? Bill

penny said...

These are good questions!!! I am just beginning my blogging debut, so I will put these things/ideas/questions on my to do list and talk to my professor!

Thanks, Bill!