Wednesday, April 9, 2008

City Farms

Garden of New Freedom

A city official drove by in the fall and snapped a photo of the The Graham School community gardeners at a Four Seasons City Farm vegetable and flower garden on Carpenter and Mound. The Garden of New Freedom is one of 12 managed and cared for by 4SCF around the First Presbyterian Church on the corner of Ohio and Bryden. The 4SCF organization started at this church, is run by a board, and is almost all on a voluntary basis. 4SCF gets its funding through donations and grants, especially the Growing to Green grant through Bill Dawson, Franklin Park Conservatory, and Scott's. The organization was begun by Susan Weber and Daniel Ingwerson.

One of the neatest things about this organization is that the church where it all began also started other important parts of Ohio's culture: The Boy Scouts first troop in Ohio, The Ohio School for the Deaf, and the OS for the Blind.

When we go to work at 4SCF, we always phone in an order of food to JP's BBQ. Toni and Corey always take good care of us, and occasionally, we spot JP himself!

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