Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Blystone Farm

TGS community gardening AND FARMING group went to visit Katherine at her family farm (8677 Oregon Rd., Canal Winchester, OH 43110). Her farm serves the local community with fresh (or frozen) sheep and goat meat. She offers Muslim and Christian slaughtering right there on the the site. She takes good care of her animals and they are happy, safe (thanks to the Great Pyrenees dogs), and roam quite free.

This site offered so many wonderful things; I think it is important for students to see:
1. a woman running a business
2. the inner workings of a business
3. the multicultural aspect of the farm, product, and customers
4. the process animals go through to become meat
5. the changing face of farming in Ohio
6. a real working farm since it is such a huge part of our Ohio Heritage

We also got to play with gorgeous Pyrenees puppies in the barn and try Sloppy Goat sandwiches.

The students even figured out how to stay warm while not working: they stuck their feet in the huge pile of hay.

Cashmere comes from goats. Who knew?! What's more: where did I think it came from before I knew it was goats?!

We did not see any animals get slaughtered, but we did hear it. Some of the students had the chance to begin their farm experience by helping to catch baby goats so that they could be given medicine and vaccines. They seemed to struggled the most with the slaughter house aspect of the farm.

It was an amazing experience.


Ryan Ozar said...


This is amazing! I love it all--thank you for recording the work of those digging in the soil in Columbus.

You are a boon for our students!

Melissa said...

Very fun! I can't wait to see what this evolves into. You are so cool. Teach me.

You have the students comment on something as their reflection for the day or week.


Melissa said...

Sorry, you should have them do this. That's what I meant to say. I'm sure you've already thought of this.