Friday, April 25, 2008



SX0T said...

Do you know if that is really how they grow the square watermelons? Just by growing them in a box? I've seen them before but always kind of wondered how it was done. It might be interesting to try to do similar things to other foods. Have you seen colored foods as well? Like they grow the vegetables and stuff with abnormal coloring? It's kinda scary...but kind of awesome as well.

penny said...

I have no idea how they did it! I will try to find the link so people can find out more.

I just thought the photo was intriguing and bizarre. I have conflicting feelings about it like (wow! that is cool and wow! why mess with a perfectly good, wholesome thing?)

My only experience with the colored stuff is putting a carnation or celery in water with food dye!

Tristan said...