Monday, March 31, 2008

To Do List for Blog

Here are the things I might like to include on this blog:

  1. how to videos
  2. time progression of a garden
  3. music
  4. cooler name and heading bar
  5. list of benefits of CG
  6. CG vocabulary
  7. reading materials
  8. experts in our area-knowledge materials
  9. material resources-garden centers, grants
  10. garden locations map
  11. on map, to do list at each garden, goal of garden, and contact info for garden guardian
  12. calendar of work days
  13. calendar of things to do in garden
  14. equipment information
  15. audio walking tour-download onto Ipod?
  16. tool/veggie/flower calendar (like human calendar)
  17. garden art
  18. recipes
  19. cooking demo

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