Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2009 Waterworks Grant from Organic Gardening

Now accepting applications for the 2009 WaterWorks program, sponsored by Aveeno and Nature's Path. Click here to download the application. At Organic Gardening, we've been dedicated to helping people make their homes and neighborhoods greener for more than 65 years. And we know that using nature's resources wisely is the only way to make all of our efforts sustainable and lasting. Community gardens bring together people of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, and experiences to create beautiful green places in their neighborhoods. Because community gardens are often set up on abandoned or undeveloped lots, they have little, if any, access to water for irrigation. So, we are joining forces with the caring people at Aveeno Skin-care Products and Nature's Path Foods to bring rainwater harvesting systems to 3 community gardens this season. The systems to be engineered for each location will direct water from nearby rooftops into cisterns from which the gardeners can take it when they need it. Below are short profiles and links (where available) to the gardens we are supporting this year. Each will host a dedication party when their WaterWorks system has been installed. The first was held on April 20, 2007 at the Dias Y Flores garden in New York City. Check back here for dates when you can join the celebration at the garden nearest you. Click here for tips on conserving water you can use in your own garden. WaterWorks Mission Statement: Organic Gardening and its partners (the American Community Gardening Association, Aveeno, and Nature's Path) have joined forces to support the commitment of community groups that work to beautify and bring hope to their neighborhoods. The WaterWorks 2009 project will help community gardeners conserve water for their needs and educate their neighbors on the invaluable benefits of urban green spaces to the community as a whole.

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