Thursday, February 19, 2009

Vegetables on the White House Lawn?
Kitchen Gardeners International is sponsoring “Eat the View,” a campaign to urge the first family to plant a garden on the White House lawn. “Eat the View” is suggesting an organic garden to provide food for the White House kitchen and local food pantries. The Obamas would be “leading by personal example on global challenges such as economic security, food security, climate change, healthcare policy and energy independence.” This really isn’t such a new idea. Several presidents have grown food on the White House lawn.
Sign the “Eat the View” petition here
Kitchen Gardeners International aren't the only ones promoting a White House garden. The WhoFarm (White House Organic Farm) is taking their WhoFarmMobile across the country visiting schools, food pantries, farmers’ markets, and festivals to support a similar campaign. The bus, named Topsy Turvy, has an organic garden on the roof.
The WhoFarm at Jones Valley Urban Farm, Birmingham, AL

Sign the WhoFarm petition here.

Food notables such as Alice Waters (Washington Post 9/4/08) and Michael Pollan (Washington Post 1/8/09) have advocated White House vegetable gardens, too.

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