Thursday, November 27, 2008

good 'n planty blog

A new (to me) blog by Organic Gardening's Abby Poulette just mentioned Columbus in regards to the the Waterworks Project award and Dr. Demas's "Food is Elementary" presentation.

I did a little research and discovered that one of our blog authors is the recipient of that award at The Farm Garden at the Early Childhood Education Center...Paul!

Here is the description from the Organic Gardening/Waterworks website:

The Farm Garden at the Early Childhood Education & Family Center is a unique garden education program for students of the Outdoor Learning Environment school serving 700 children and 100 staff. The garden features an organic fruit, vegetable herb and flower garden, a play cabin/potting shed, compost area, native plantings and much more.

The program is run by local farmer Paul Etheridge, known to the school students as Farmer Paul. Farmer Paul teaches a structured farm garden curriculum for families that incorporates staff and children of all ages and abilities, helping the children build the connection between the garden and the source of their food. The program also includes a summer job training program for area teens who help to maintain the garden and work with children over summer months.

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