Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Farm’s Open Harvest Draws 40,000 in Colorado

I was checking out the Garden Rant Blog when I came across their post about a really wonderful couple, Joe and Chris Miller.

They opened up their farm at the end of the season to anyone who wanted to harvest the leftover potatoes, carrots, and leeks. 40,000 people showed up! The highways around the farm were shut down!

Could we apply this idea to the leftover veggies and flowers in Columbus community gardens?

Here is an interview with Joe Miller from NPR in an audio format. It is a beautiful story that captures the state of our economy, the importance of food, and the power of a community supporting each other.


Local Matters said...

Wow, amazing post Amy, thanks for bringing the idea of utilizing all of our produce to the blog. It has been a challenge for years to intentionally plant so that we aren't swamped with too much food at once. I think this needs to be a topic of discussion for us to continue---possibly we need to have a set day of the week where folks donate food at a couple neighborhood locations and whatever is left the next day goes to the food pantry?

)))--------> Bill said...

I saw this on the national news as well...they were swamped with folks, saw one little girl chewing on what looked like a raw rutabaga!