Saturday, July 19, 2008

DIY Garden Stepping Stones

We made these fun stepping stones as a collaborative art project in our community garden a few weeks ago. There are several different ways to make them. I opted for quickcrete in pizza boxes (make sure you fill the pizza box to the top, as the ones that were shallow didn't work as well). The project was interesting to see, as I made all participants collaborate with people they didn't know. People were forced to get to know one another and it was a nice demonstration of collaborative art. Many of the kids were sad to not have their own stepping stone, but as the days have gone by I've noticed kids searching through the garden to find their stone. I'd like to do more art projects, so any interested artists should contact me. My goal is to have art incorporated into every community garden.

The stones turned out beautifully, but sadly someone ran across many of them while they were still settling. Once we removed them from the box they broke into pieces. We decided to make lemonade out of lemons and are taking the broken pieces and adding them to our "roots" in the bottom of our stone tree path. I think it is going to visually work to have it this way and will be nice to not toss out all of our hard work.

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